SUTUREX & RENODEX’s surgical needles are made from high quality stainless steel, which presents outstanding performance for your suture. ENOVA® 300 and Superalloy XFLEX® materials, specially developped for SUTUREX & RENODEX, offer strength and high penetration characteristics. Both materials shows outstanding performance compared to conventional alloy needles.



ENOVA® is from the stainless steel family AISI 300, also known as Austenitic stainless steel family.

ENOVA® is the best stainless steel grade in the market for high performance surgical needles, combining high ductility and strong bending moment, and offering a fantastic puncture, pass after pass.

O More resistant to bending and breaking
O Available in squared body for even more strength

XFLEX® is a new generation maraging stainless steel material, the same stainless steel family as ETHALLOY® and SURGALLOY®.

Super alloy XFLEX® shows excellent ductility and bending characteristics, while being the perfect material for processing sharp edges required for cutting needles.

O Significantly sharper pass after pass
O High combination of strength and ductility

ETHALLOY® is a trademark of Ethicon, INC.
SURGALLOY® is a trademark of Covidien.